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I can make people understand social media in 45 minutes, but I can also speak about practically any other subject related to digital media.

Over the years I have been speaking at conferences, for businesses and for network groups. I always strive to create an experience which is personalized for my audience and leaves a lasting impression.

I hate bullet points and always try to spice up my presentations with strong visuals and engaging multimedia.

These are some of my speaking subjects:

The perfect storm!
This is the presentation about my book “Den perfekte storm”. The presentation explains how social media is much more than Facebook-likes. Social media is all about understanding your business, your market and your customers and transforming this knowledge into strategies for your business, your communication and your organisation. See more about the book on

Understanding social media
The presentation explains how social media are different from traditional media and outlines the consequences for individuals and businesses. The presentation combines sociological observations with very practical hands on advice for the audience. If possible I always try to customize the presentation for my audience so the hands on advice addresses the business needs of my listeners.

How to develop social media strategies and concepts
This is a more hands on presentation than the “understanding social media” presentation. The presentation is very suited as a quick inspiration for workshops where the participants discuss how social media can be applied to their business or projects. The presentation starts with a strategic model and works the participants through different idea generation tools, which create the foundation for workshops and discussions following the presentation

Enterprise 2.0
This presentation addresses the issue of using social media and collaborative technologies within the organization. Companies have struggled to encourage knowledge sharing on existing intranet platforms – in most cases without much luck. Now, many companies are learning from community sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn. But what does it take to implement online social networks for your employees? And how do you motivate people to participate?

How to work with User Experience
The value of User Experience as a part of the development process is widely understood, but many companies simply do not have processes for working with User Experience. This presentation can be either a short introduction to the discipline of UX, but it can also be a two day workshop with hands on exercises, where the participants get a thorough knowledge on how to work with UX methods on a very practical level.
The presentation/workshop uses UXBASIS as a foundation

Social media and PR
PR is one of the areas that are most affected by social media. The PR department has been used to its role as a gate keeper, but now in the age of social media the PR department has become more of a shepherd – guiding and herding the communication coming from customers and employees. What are the best ways to tackle this situation? And what are the experiences so far?

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