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Lesson 5: Creating great videos

Step 1: Watch the video

Step 2: Complete the following exercise (use no more than 20 minutes)

Please describe two different target groups.


  1. For the first target group, please describe a “how to video” teaching the audience something they need to know about.

  2. For the second target group, please describe a video (in a format of your own choice) that you think this specific audience would appreciate.


Please include some thought about using video with your specific target group. Do they watch a lot of online video already and what can you learn (if anything) from some popular content that your target audience is already engaged with? Is video a good content format for your users and for you?

Please complete the exercise in this Powerpoint template. Use the same template for all four exercises and send them as a single email.  

Step 3: Send the assignment in an email

When you are done with exercise 5 - 8, please send the Powerpoint document to and make sure to include the tag "#goodcontent" in the subject line.

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