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Creating good content

The purpose of this course is to teach the course participants strategy and tactics for creating content for social media. The course covers all relevant aspects for people working on a daily basis with production and distribution of content via social media and digital channels.

The purpose of the flipped classroom concept is to flip the traditional format of teaching around. Instead of the teachers spending time on repeating textbook material in the classroom, the students will prepare for the lectures by watching videos and completing small assignments. In the actual classroom, we will focus on cases, examples, questions and personal experiences, which are related to the subjects covered in the curriculum.

The course material consists of 2 x 4 lessons which are accessed by clicking the links below. Each lesson consists of a video and an assignment that needs to be completed and submitted to the teachers.

Course plan:

April 30: Deadline for assignments in lesson 1 - 4.

May 8: Classroom session where we work with the subjects in lesson 1 - 4

May 20: Deadline for assignments in lesson 5 - 8

May 28: Classroom session where we work with the subjects in lesson 5 - 8

Be aware that this is a pilot project, where we are testing the value of the flipped classroom concept. At the end of the course we will ask you to evaluate the course format and provide feedback for future improvements. 

Click below to begin the course:

About the teachers

Trine-Maria Kristensen

Is a social media and digital communication advisor and teacher who specializes in everyday practical use of digital tools. Author of a book about how to stop wasting time on social media. And a professional drone pilot.

Read more about Trine-Maria


Peter Svarre

Is one of the leading digital strategists in Denmark. He wrote the book "Den perfekte storm" about social media strategy and has 25 years of experience developing digital strategies for global companies. 

Read more about Peter

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