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Lesson 7: Boosting and advertising content

Step 1: Watch the video

Step 2: Complete the following exercise (use no more than 30 minutes)

In the video David Lorentzen talks about how to create different versions of the same content for different target groups.

Take a look at this Facebook post about cycling team Team Novo Nordisk:

Think about how you could target this same story to different audiences. It could be women, cycling enthusiasts, people with an interest in Novo Nordisk og something completely different. 

Describe how you could create three different targeted posts (with different copy and different images) for three different target groups. But all talking about the same story. 

Please complete the exercise in this Powerpoint template. Use the same template for all four exercises and send them as a single email.  

Step 3: Send the assignment in an email

When you are done with exercise 5 - 8, please send the Powerpoint document to and make sure to include the tag "#goodcontent" in the subject line.

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